Resolution for "Custom Made" canvas prints


Professional quality prints will have a resolution somewhere somewhere between 200 and 300 pixels per inch.  A resolution between 150 and 200 will result in decent looking prints, definitely suitable for display in homes, offices, shops, mancaves.... A resolution of 100 pixels per inch or less, will likely not produce crisp print results and is not recommended.

Because images for the best quality be printed at 300 ppi, use this quick and easy method to determine the maximum size that an image can be printed at: simply divide the number of pixels in the image by 300. Here’s an example - Take an image that is 1200 x 600 pixels. 1200 x 600 divided by 300 = 4 x 2, so the largest size this image can be printed at is 4″ x 2″. That’s not a very big picture! Canvas material is more forgiving as far as resolution goes so you could really bring that down to about 200 or even 150 maximum

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