Placement and Care of Canvas Art Paintings and Prints

First and foremost, if you haven’t bought your canvas art already stretched on a frame, please be sure to have it stretched properly over a frame to help reduce movement of the canvas over time due changes in temperature and humidity.

Placement is the next and probably most important step in caring your new canvas wall painting or print.   Because your canvas art is not behind glass, sunlight, heat, and moisture and dust can be damaging to your art.  Areas in your house to avoid hanging your art would be above fireplaces or other heat sources, places with direct sunlight like near windows, and humid places such as in kitchens (especially near stoves and windows) and bathrooms, where there’s a lot of moisture.  If there are windows with blinds close by, turn the blinds to direct sunlight away from your print. These places can cause the paint on your canvas to shrink and/or expand.  It’s important to place your art in an area that is well ventilated so that moisture does not build up and cause damage.

To care for your new wall art, simply take a light feather duster or a lint free dry cloth and lightly brush away and dust or debris that  might have settled on it.  It’s a good idea to remove your wall art a couple times a year and inspect it for any damage such as paint cracking or canvas expansion.  If you see signs of this occurring, take your print to a professional and have them restore or restretch your canvas.
Proper placement and routine care of your wall art will lead to years of enjoyment!

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