About ASH Wall Decor - High quality prints and paintings

    It's always exciting to start a new business. I remember starting our business, Attitude Custom Painting, 15 years ago. That business entails motorcycle custom painting - flames, custom colors, show quality finishes and most importantly, satisfied customers. Hey, that's what it's all about! Creating an awesome finished product and end up with a happy, satisfied customer!
This is the same goal I want to achieve with this website. The best customer service and end up with a happy customer.

I've always been a fan of 'art', whether it’s paint jobs, oil painting, sketch art or other. As you can see from the link here, I've done a ton of motorcycles.
I have the largest custom painting website on the internet (currently 23000+ images in our Gallery) so there are alot of graphics, custom colors, and flawless paint finishes.

My art love-affair goes back to my younger days when I actually took an oil painting class. It’s very cool to start off with a blank canvas and make it into a piece of art that you can hang on your wall and be proud of. In fact I still have my original case, brushes, and paints from back then, as well as some of my paintings. One of may paintings is below

Well here I am, 40 years later, where the ASH Wall Decor website starts a new business with another love of 'art'. Yes, this website is just a start, but I have bigger and better ideas will be coming up. Jody and I named our new business after our only daughter “Ashlee” (nickname is Ash). Someone we’re very proud to call our daughter.

I've chosen some of my favorite prints and paintings to be on our website for sale. If you haven't taken time to go through the fine wall art prints and paintings, we would appreciate if you do. There are all kinds of prints, animals, land and city scapes, florals, motorcycles, and cars along with some Star Wars prints. Though most sizes of prints are offered at 1-4 different sizes, you can always contact us for a bigger size if you'd like. Prints and paintings shown on the ASH website are not done by me. Most are printed and are done in High Def.

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Thank you and enjoy the ASH Wall Decor website.

We are located on the west coast of Florida just west of Tampa.

Jody - Scott (Pfeiffer Beach - Keyhole Rock)

 Jody, Scott, Sabrina, Vanessa, Ashlee
Jody, Scott, Ashlee, Vanessa, Sabrina

Our daughter ASH and her husband Nate

This is one of my paintings I did back in 1982 (I was 20 at the time)