3 piece canvas panel print wall art American Indian canvas feathered

Wall Art Size - FRAMED - NO Framed Info - READ
Size - FRAMED - NOframed Info

 Some of our products lets you choose how many panels (1,3,4 and 5) plus the size.
See those prints here

HD printed 3 piece canvas art American Indian canvas feathered Painting wall pictures for living room 

We have 2 options for this print-- With Framed, Or No Framed. Please choose one option when you buy.

With Framed means the print has been stretched on wood frame, ready to hang!

No Framed means canvas ONLY. The canvas will be rolled up and shipped in a tube. You or someone local will need to install the canvas on stretcher bars in order to hang your wall art like in the picture.

Please note, this home decor panel wall art picture is a print and not a painting. Use the sizes listed below for reference. Pictures shown are images supplied by the manufacturer and are renderings, not actual pictures of the print. Images do not depict actual size of print.


size1: 30cmx50cmx3pcs (12x20inchx3pcs)

size2: 40cmx60cmx3pcs (16x24inchx3pcs)

size3: 50cmx70cmx3pcs (20x28inchx3pcs)
size4: 60cmx80cmx3pcs (24x32inchx3pcs)

Type: print

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READ THIS BEFORE making your choices for Framed, No Framed and the Size of your Wall Art on Canvas

Please be sure and measure out the area on the intended wall using the measurements included just to make sure you order the appropriate size and to make sure your new wall art fits the way you would like it.
Total up the width cm or inches  Don't forget to add a bit for spacing between panels.
DO NOT GO BY THE AD images as these are only a reference for the images themselves,  NOT the size of the print.
Pics shown are renderings of the prints and not actual prints shown.

example for WIDTH of the print (8x14x2, 8x18x2, 8x22inch) - 8" wide panels X 5 panels = 40 inches + 1" spacing between the 5 panels = a total of 44". Use the 44" to measure out your area.
Of course, height would be the tallest panel which on this print is the center one - 22"

No Framed means your canvas will be rolled and shipped to you in a tube. You will need to get this stretched on stretcher bars. Or you can cut and make it into a poster.
Framed means ready to hang. Canvas is stretched over stretcher bars. You do not actually see a frame when installed - like you see in the images

Without Framed

Purchasing UNframed canvas only print?
If you intend stretching the canvas over a frame, you will need a stretcher bar frame to match the canvas size you ordered.
You can purchase here.

Please note, sizes are in CM, inches are to the nearest inch.

The most economical way to go would be to just purchase your canvas print already "framed".

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